We are very proud to be able to share this page with you, this is how we define who we are and what our family has been able to achieve following countless hours of hard work, determination and multiple generations focusing on building, producing and offering the very best program that we can. We have been blessed with meeting so many great people and turning customers in to life long friends and repeat customers, although we might not be physically sitting on the next Forever Pine Horse that wins we are proud to have been apart of their success ! 

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September 5, 2017

To whom It May Concern,

I have known Jack and Jody Skjonsberg for almost ten years. In May of 2008 we purchased our first gelding at a sale that had been trained by Jack. Since that day, we now have 6 horses that have come through the Forever Pine program.5 of these horses have been purchased as started horses and one comes from one of my own mares and a breeding to one of their stallions. All of these animals,including my own mare, have always received the very best care while at Forever Pine. In all of the agreements that I have made with the Skjonsberg family, it was always perfectly clear what their responsibilities were, as well as what mine were to be.

Through all of our various horse dealings, I have developed a personal friendship with the Skjonsberg family. This is a friendship that began with great deal of respect for Jack and Jody. It didn't take long to realize that they are two of the most honest and caring individuals around. This is easily seen in the way they raise their children as well as the animals in their care. They are the type of people that will stop what they are doing in their busy schedule to lend a helping hand. On several occasions I have been short handed on the ranch and the whole family will loadhorses into the trailer to come help.

I will continue to support the Skjonsberg family and Forever Pine Performance Horses long into the future. I know that when you deal with them, you are going to get the very best. This is not only the horses,but the people as well. There isn't a deal I wouldn't do with these people, with nothing more binding than their word. There isn't a written contract in the world that is more secure.



Grant Taillieu

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